Hosting an afternoon or evening at home isn't always the easiest thing to plan or execute. We're constantly looking for ideas on how to make a moment special, and then go in search of those very tools to honour our special occasion. As Stitch, we chose to streamline that process for you given our constraints on time & creativity these days. We provide not only the ideas & inspiration, but also deliver the tools you need for a thoughtful occasion. Let's get planning! 

1. Decide what you want to do

Unless it's your birthday and you get to call the shots, this is often the hardest part when it comes to planning a casual get-together with your friends. Games night or movie night, your house or your friend's terrace - the options tend to feel limitless and confusing. If your friends tend to fall back on the classic "I'm okay with anything, you decide", nudge them with a tool like doodle.com that allows you to crowd-source ideas & preferences. 


Once you have that sorted, use an app like Google Keep to help you keep track of your to do list. 

2. Invite your favourite people 

The Canva app is really easy to use, and elevates a regular invitation into something special. Get creative using their series of versatile templates.  

For larger occasions, consider tools like RSVPify.

3. Organise some food

Let's be real - an event is primarily defined by the food you have. In order to give your guests a feast to remember, order The Grazing Table. It's ideal for a larger gathering as folks can nibble on a variety of sweets & savouries through the afternoon or evening. Get the Grilled Cheeses for a smaller get-together, or to be circulated as starters. Or opt for The Dessert Experience to be the show stopper as it complements your favourite homemade food. 

4. Arrange for some drinks

Our Cocktail Experience is perfect for you, regardless of whether you're into cocktails or mocktails. Pick a flavoured ice cube, add a dash of your favourite spirit (or not), top up with tonic water & end with a garnish of your choice. If you want further variety, pop some flavoured ice cubes, tequila & lime juice in a blender to make margaritas. Use the Himalayan pink salt we give you to rim your glasses before serving. Last but not least, if you're a wine drinker, add a pomberry or green apple cube into your glass for a contemporary take on sangria.

5. Set the mood

If you're having a small and intimate get-together, decorating your space with strings of fairy lights will be just right. For a larger occasion, scatter our classic candelabras & metallic votives across the room for a classy feel. Sprinkle fistfuls of confetti around your candles as they reflect the light and appear shimmery.

6. Get some music going 

Check out some groovy playlists on Spotify to go with your vibe. We currently love Viva Latina, Hit Rewind & Rap Caviar. For some low-key background music, check out Jazz Vibes. 

If you think of anything else you may need help with, get in touch! Email us at hello@stitchexperiences.in or call us at 93726 07817. Have a great one! 

*image taken from Pinterest. Please email us at hello@stitchexperiences.in for due credit.