Ever since childhood, summer has always been about taking a break from reality & doing what you want to do. With the days getting warmer, what better way to kick back than with a chilled cocktail in hand. In the interest of making those special summer memories, we're showing you how to up your cocktail game by creating floral ice pops for your bottle display, or to drop straight in your glass. 

1. Fill your ice tray with water. Use boiled water for clearer ice cubes.

2. Add edible flowers to your ice tray. Make sure the petals aren't folded over so you get a nice pop of colour. 

3. Set in the freezer. For ice displays in opaque bowls, fill regular ice first and top up with floral ice pops. 

5. Alternatively, drop a handful of cubes into your drink for a classy touch. Looks best against a transparent or lightly coloured beverage. 

Make your own floral ice pops with our Cocktail Experience, using farm-sourced organic flowers! 


*all images besides the first and last are taken from Pinterest. Please email us at hello@stitchexperiences.in for due credit.