Rainy days can be lazy & depressing when you're alone, but full of adventure & laughter when in the company of your loved ones. Discover how a Stitch Experience is all you need to make the monsoon blues fade away. 

Build a fairy light canopy 

Use a soft, sheer fabric and pin it to your ceiling using a heavy duty tape. Just prior to pinning to the adjacent wall, or further along the ceiling, arrange a few sets of battery-operated fairy lights on top so they shine through. Make sure it's taped securely.

For a longer term intervention, order a bed net similar to this and string the lights around it. 

Call your friends over and enjoy an evening of glamping with our High Tea Experience. Call us at 93726 07817 to learn more. 

Cook your friends dinner

Enjoy the fun of cooking, but with a guaranteed perfect result. Our Grilled Cheeses are easy to prepare and delicious to eat. Feel free to take the kitchen by storm and add a secret touch. Whether that means adding a layer of herbed butter, tossing in some bacon, or making a hearty tomato soup to go with it, it's entirely up to you to experiment!

Paint & sip with your BFF

Buy yourselves a set of canvases, paints & brushes and let your imagination run wild. Save some creativity to make your own drinks with our funky Cocktail Experience. 

Any rainy day ideas you want to share with us? Write to us at hello@stitchexperiences.in - we can't wait to hear from you!

*image taken from Pinterest. Please email us at hello@stitchexperiences.in for due credit.