1. What is Stitch?

Stitch believes in the power of recognizing & celebrating others. Our experiences comprise of a combination of food and decor with the aim to make every celebration feel like it was carefully thought through, yet spontaneous. We hope to enable you to celebrate everything worth celebrating, no matter how small, in the way it deserves to be celebrated.

2. How does it work?

Simply pick your date of celebration, choose from our range of unique experiences, customize your options, and you're done! We’ll pack all the ingredients for a great celebration and send the bundle right to your doorstep.

You can place your order via our website, Whatsapp us at 93726 07817, or DM us on Instagram @stitchexperiences.

3.Will somebody come and set it up?

No, as we believe that the finishing touch is personal. That being said, we do share a lot of material to help guide you through the setup process including food preparation and decor suggestions.

4. How personalized can it be?

We have a core range of experiences to choose from, and frequently introduce seasonal specials. Once you select an experience, you decide what flavours or items you want for the food component, as well as what decor items you’d like in order to complete the experience. The Stitch banner is a great opportunity to share a customized greeting, joke or reference.

If you're having a get together for more than 20 people, call us and we will customize a trendy tablescape for you. 

5. Can Stitch help me with a themed party?

Sure, though Stitch pushes the boundaries a little. Don't expect your run-of-the-mill sashes & balloons. 

6. Where do you deliver?

We are available in Mumbai, and deliver from Colaba to Juhu at the moment. If you live outside this delivery radius, let us know and we can arrange for a special delivery, or request for your experience to be picked up from our head office in Tardeo. 

7. How quickly can I get my experience?

Our cut-off for next day delivery is 12pm. If you place an order before that you can get your experience the very next day. All deliveries will take place between 3pm and 7pm every evening except Sundays. For Sunday occasions, please book your experience for the previous day.

8. How much in advance can I book a bundle?

You can order up to 2 weeks in advance, as we don’t believe in procrastinating your recognition or celebration. For inspiration, head over to our Instagram page @stitchexperiences.

9. Can I gift a Stitch experience?

Yes! Have the experience delivered to your address and take it with you to share the moment with your loved one. In case you can’t be there in person, please let us know the name of the person you are gifting your bundle to, as well as your message, in the special instructions section at checkout. In your absence, we encourage inviting other friends & family to partake in the experience as Stitch bundles are designed to be shared.

10. Why decor? Do I have to get it?

Stitch is occasion-driven and is more than your average night in. By enhancing your presentation, your occasion gets the importance it deserves.That being said, you can opt to get just the food component if that suits your occasion and budget better. 

11. What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Given our food partners will freshly prepare items for your order, our ability to make changes or offer a refund will depend on the progress they have already made with your order. E-mail us at contact@stitchexperiences.in, or call us at 93726 07817, and we will do our best to support you. In case you want to make changes to the non-perishable items you have chosen, get in touch and we will process your request unless it's already been dispatched for delivery.

12. Do you have Jain bundles?

Yes, we can find a way to make each experience Jain friendly! 

13. What are your prices like?

The prices below are for the entire food experience, inclusive of delivery & GST.

Dessert Experience: Rs 3500 (2-4 people); Rs 4500 (5-10 people)

Chia Experience: Rs 2200 (2-4 people); Rs 3600 (5-10 people)

Cocktail Experience: Rs 1600 (2-4 people); Rs 2200 (5-10 people); Rs 2800 (11-15 people); Rs 3200 (16-20 people)

Grilled Cheese Experience: Rs 2900 (2-4 people); Rs 4900 (5-10 people)

High Tea Experience: Rs 3000 (2-4 people); Rs 6200 (5-10 people); Rs 8800 (11-15 people); Rs 11,200 (16-20 people)

Hot Chocolate Experience: Rs 1800 (2-4 people); Rs 2800 (5-10 people); Rs 3500 (11-15 people); Rs 4500 (16-20 people)

Grazing Table Experience: Rs 7200 (5-10 people); Rs 12,530 (11-15 people); Rs 13,220 (16-20 people)